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As an emerging industry leader, our primary goal is to use our values, principles, and expertise to design and manufacture quality products and gain a long-term relationship with our associates. Leadership and stringent quality are two elements that we widely promote in our company.

Our Quality Assurance Objective Includes:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Increased Precision
  • Better Priced Products
  • Supreme After Sales Services
  • Customer Satisfaction at all Levels of our association, especially relating to product usage

In order to fulfill our quality assurance goals, we have divided our QA system into three competitive departments:

Raw material testing

A fully-functioning lab is set up in which each raw material purchased for production is double-checked by a team of certified and experienced engineers.

Manufacturing process regulation

The entire manufacturing process is regulated and controlled to avoid any error and technical issues in the final product. We have a team of inspectors who oversee the manufacturing process to make sure that products are produced as per the design plan.

Postproduction and final product testing

Various levels of testing are carried to ensure that the final product matches all quality parameters, such as hardness, specific gravity, strength, and coefficient friction before they are delivered to the customer.

We believe quality should not be limited to product design and development only. Therefore, our quality maintenance is deeply rooted in all areas of the company, including customer relationship and post-delivery service.