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Flat Friction Sheets


We are one of the most preferred brands when it comes to purchasing friction flat sheets. We offer friction flats sheet for industrial use in the form of molded, oven, asbestos, and non-asbestos types. We also offer friction sheets with and without wire reinforcements and metallic inclusions.
We produce flat sheets that can perform perfectly in different clutch temperatures, ranging from high to very high and that are suitable for different conditions, such as oil-immersed, dry, and glue-lubricated conditions.
The flat sheets can be customized with asbestos and non-asbestos base made of random fiber, and with metallic inclusions, such as brass chippings.
Each flat sheet produced has low wear and tear, medium coefficient of friction enabling it to possess high mechanical strength, and an infusible bond to give the sheet required durability and resistance to fade.
Flat friction sheets can be used in a variety of clutch applications, including industrial clutches, tractor steering clutches, general reengineering application, for machinery, tools, and plants, for tractors and marine box clutches.