Brake Pads


Brake pads come in a variety of options and are extremely important for smooth functioning of vehicles’ brakes. The brake pads squeeze the brake rotor and friction is produced when we press on the brake pedal. This friction slows the vehicle to desire speed and that is why good quality and highly durable brake pads are recommended for the braking system.

Interbrakes carries and manufactures a wide selection of brake pads that are highly durable and used for rough and tough applications. At our R&D, each brake pad is tested to ensure OE application quality standards are achieved. The brake pads are designed to provide optimal stopping performance at various conditions, such as rough terrain and stormy weather.

We design and engineer brake pads for a wide range of transportation systems, including two-wheelers, passenger vehicles, light commercial vehicles, and heavy commercial vehicles. Our solutions are available in three types, namely Semi-Met, Low-Met,and NAO mixes. You can tailor your requirement to suit the terrain and weather pattern of your country, state,and city.

Whether you travel on bumpy grounds or are a very aggressive driver, our brake pads will help you service you for a very long period.

We go through the specified material composition, particle size, and chemistry mentioned by the OE standards to engineer brake pads that emit minimum dust and noise.

Features of Brake Pads

  • Superior strength for long life
  • Cost-effective
  • Can be used in extreme heat
  • Superior fading ability
  • Perfect for repeated high-speed braking
  • Less sound and dust emission
  • Reduced rotor wear
  • With heat dissipation